Traditional South African dishes - filled with outstanding taste

With each visit to the Red Ox Steakhouse we promise an outstanding service from our friendly staff and to top it all off, you will not be disappointed by the flavourful dishes prepared by our top chef and top notch kitchen staff. Meals to die for and flavour to fill your palate will assure that you will come back for a second taste.

Quality and taste we offer


The burgers served are made with lots fine ingredients to promise an outstanding taste. Be sure to try each of our burgers every time you come back to our steakhouse. It will be worth it!


Everyone has their unique taste for a so called “good piece of steak”, but at our steakhouse we shall prepare only the best of the best steak with a mouthwatering sauce.

Buffets for all

Every Sunday we have a fantastic buffet for your whole family to indulge in. Don’t worry about choosing just one breakfast, we also offer you a breakfast buffet.

Local Cuisine

If red meat and burgers arn’t your cup of tea, you can also choose from a variety of our local cuisine. We have daily blackboard specials and mouthwatering dishes to satisfy anyone.

Flavour, detail, service and quality is our expertise of passion to you


Breakfast buffets per week

Each day of the week you can choose from a wide range of breakfast bites to fill you up for the busy day ahead.


Local wines available

Sip on the best wines of the region in our restaurant.


  • Dustyroads2015 (TripAdvisor)

    Wow! What pleasure to have a new lodge on the N7. Well designed with a lot of thought. Restaurant design is modern meets rustic. Breakfast spread incredible. Anne was so friendly and welcoming. Will be back.
  • Karien Muller

    Wow! Great food and excellent service. The waiter and manager made us feel like special friends.
  • Matt de Neef

    Delicious meals in a great setting, so unexpected to have such a nice place out here! The lamb curry is worth the price and highly recommended!
  • David Jenner

    I enjoyed a few breakfasts at the Red Ox. There service embrace the relaxing quiet holiday spirit in the heart of the Knersvlakte. The friendliness of the people give more aroma to the tasteful mouthwatering meals prepared for the holiday animal seeking the peace and quietness of being home away from home. Come and get reconnected to this beautiful holiday resort.
  • Jurgens Pieterse

    Great food and great service. The best steak ever. Prepared to perfection. Shady seating outside in front of a beautiful green garden. Next door is a beautiful little church well worth visiting. Staff is well-dressed and efficient.

Be amazed by our style


At the Red Ox Steakhouse we make it a priority to not only serve you top dishes but our Steakhouse is also famous for its wide collection of Walter Meyer paintings. While we take you on a taste experience with our dishes, you can admire this unique art. From comfy chairs to a unique relaxing vibe, we make sure that you will come back for more. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who love to dine in style, our outside area will suit you perfectly. Succulents and lavender plants surrounding the shaded dining area create the perfect atmosphere to have a lovely meal or a glass of local wine.